Paper and chains on fiberglass
Base in iron layer and spikes

cm 60 x 206 h

We all are indiscriminately “Mean” ’s slaves.
When you are possessed by this one it is already too late because its virus is born at the antipodes of our childhood, establishes some differences, lets us know the pleasures and luxuries, that growing up we synthesize slowly like a drug, whence we can’t be released.

We all are indiscriminately “Mean” ’s slaves.
It is materialized in the objects, all can be used to let us feel egoistically different or superior, because it is our ego that asks us and we can’t be excused to satisfy it.

We all are indiscriminately “Mean” ’s slaves.
It can be invisible. It glorifies its slave’s mind that, as dynamical beings, they try to get distinguished among themselves. Nobody likes to look and be like the others. So it influences our internal chemical, playing on the personal proud, letting us become very often what they would have never wanted to be.

We all are indiscriminately “Mean” ’s slaves.
It is best not to mention it. Where I come from if something goes towards the imponderable it scares, as it is stronger and more powerful than they are, so it is better to have a complicit behavior feeling the fear to be hit.

We all are indiscriminately “Mean” ’s slaves.
This work is its creature and I am one of its slaves.

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