When I realize a laborious and hard-working creation I often feel the sensation that it never ends. I am there composing it, piece after piece and my hands are leaded by my meticulous head that I don’t dare to mislead. Everything has to be done as well as I have imagined or drawn. Then the illusions come, which are terrible, because in that very moment, I think that the work is finally completed…but is sufficient a blink of an eye and I come back to see it as it was before: incomplete.

Furthermore, day by day, the shapes have been taking the desired volume, the polish has been starting to embrace the iron and the particulars have been improving. Thereupon I put away the tools, I look at the completed work and I smile, breathing easy. That is the moment when I could say to you what happiness is.


Davide Pisapia, aka Alter Ego, is an italian artist born in Naples on June 23, 1988 where he lives and makes his works.

His sculptural language is characterized by the transparency of the shapes that let the light cross through them, by the mirrors to revise themselves and by the bright colours to stimulate the mind.

The desire to give free rein to the unconditional and unstoppable call of creating forms, leads him to create works whose intent is to lead to the disclosure of his own and the other alter ego, which is inspired by the pseudonym of the artist.

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The blinding light of the welding and its sparks capable to get into the clothes, the hand’s burns for the gloves perforated due to their use, the colored polish that protects the work’s soul and the loud noise of the sanders that instead delete its imperfections, the electric heater which warms the iced legs from the biting cold and the boiling hot which complicates even the easiest actions, the melancholy of a rainy day and the silences that music tried to drown it out, the encouragement of the reflected beams of light on the iron desks and the battering of hammers on it. Many, too many would be the details to describe in these years passed in the mechanic’s workshop among choices, errors, creations, worries and joys, but after all, these sculptures see the lights finally. I wish you a great show.
Everything has begun from a sheet of paper, you will find the rest in here.

There is a place where the things you love to do and the things that you are good at come together. That place of the soul is called The Element. The Element is the meeting point between the natural attitudes and the personal passions. When the people are in their Element they are connected with something fundamental for their identity, for their life purpose and their well-being. To be in their own Element reveal them who they truly are and what they really have to do of their life – K. Robinson