Polished iron rebar
Base in iron tubes

cm 45 Ø x 195 h

Always newer and bloody crisis and civil, religious and power wars explode today just like yesterday.
Here you are the breaking down of the “Steel rain” upon us, human beings, which symbolizes what in the battle field is a bullet loader with sharpened tip, capable to hurt both the souls and the spirits of its victims. This rain raise up creating a vortex, a spiral that inevitably gets dragged everything it meets: soldiers, civilian, women, men, children and with them it takes aways the matter that the man creates, destroys the places where he lived, the works he made. The human being is at the mercy of a maelstrom that drags everything and his destiny is determined by who decides to activate that bullet load. However as well as the steel rain gets thrown so it can be ceased.

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