Polished iron layer and gold leaf
Details in pvc and mirror
Base in leaf gold on polished iron layer

Cm 90 x 60 x 216 h

Venus, excellency love beauty and fertility’s symbol, always icon to be eternalized to and to pay image, she influenced every historical period, since the ancient greeks and romans.
But how could be the millennial one? And what could it be able to transmit us?
Everybody, at least once in their life, have laid their eyes on the Botticelli’s Venus, live or simply on a book, being ipnotyzed.
What if for a while, looking at that artwork, we would have been stopped trying to understand what that goddess have been feeling inside, which emotional have been hiding behind her inscrutable and cold gaze?
Likely we could have been find in a world of emotions, but we’re incapable of decode all the senses from a canvas. So, even the feelings of a goddess sometimes get unheard…
Now let’s imagine for a moment that Venus is throwing herself in the 2000s towards a 3rd dimension, mysterious and unexplored.
A present-day goddess shall be presented you, symbol of an everlasting beauty which links the ancient to the new but able, this time, to let others getting into her inwardness, revealing her more intimate and hidden secrets.
A woman before a goddess, though, who wants to undo that apparent simulacrum of perfection that in centuries has been sewed on her.
Each springboard opens her soul to the earthly world, letting see her ego’s facets fully similar to the mere mortals: from the love sense, to the desperation, from the loneliness to the frustration, from the sexual gratification to meditation, from the reflection to the perseverance, to the deliberate act of killing itself.
Exactly, these are all the feelings that makes her incredibly human, nearby the flash and bone’s women.
And yet the Venus doesn’t let her fully discover by this new reality still unknown, she conceals her face behind a mask, nearly to hide her universal truth and perfectly playing the onstage of modern life, made by that continuos game between real and misrepresentation.
However the goddess let filter out her mask two characterizing elements: the lips, symbol of a seducing femininity, and particularly the eyes, full of an interior concern which stare the observer without interruption, almost trying to catch the attention regarding certain existential emptiness which only us humans can comprehend.
So, the Venus in our time cannot be anymore the materialization of an ideal woman, but the embodiment of a figure that with her own fragilities and strengths is forced to wear a mask to protect herself from a difficult and full-fiction world.

You can follow the evolution of the Venus using on Instagram the hashtag #veneredialterego.

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