Polished iron rebar
Base and particular in iron layer

cm 90 x 60 x 170 h

The synapse word which usually is associated to the electrochemical structure that allows to the human cells to communicate among them.
The aim is to break the pattern of the usual reality supposing the existence of another inesplorate dimension and to pass in an hypothetical parallel universe, separate and distinct from ours but coexistent with it.
“Synapse” presents us with a paradox because the human beings’ touching is represented using the intangibility of the electrochemical signs which they are made of.
Moreover, the lines and the points described are defined by the fortuity, that’s why it is only and exclusively our mind to let us see a sinuous and long-limbed’s woman’s body who, on her tiptoes, tries to pass into our world starting materializing herself where is based the passage’s portal.
So the question is: who says that our reality is truly like we perceive it and observe it?
There are synapsis that switches on and switches off continuously tracking a universe that maybe we are not capable to see yet…

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