Paper flowers
on polished iron layer

cm 110 x 95 h

Pulcinella is a Neapolitan typical mask of carnival

Naples, Old Town.
She is invisible at society’s eyes, she’s poor, deaf, dumb and old. Her “vascio” (typical popular house to the ground floor), enlightened by a small neon light is also her store and it is located in Via San Gregorio Armeno. Everybody can see her and everybody can know her. I was there today morning and I observed with curiosity her beautiful colored paper’s bouquets that she invited me too see closer. Therefore I come inside her store and I feel bewitch by the simplicity whereby her hands, proud, elegant and humbles daughters of her way to communicate with the world, could give her expression. Few actions to pick up all her roses and carnation’s production.
February the 28th 2015.

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