Love is all

Polished iron rebar

cm 15 x 15 x 20 h

Love branches is just a praise to love and its amazing consequences.
It is a deep and heart breaking feeling which everybody felt once or more in life, love fascinates all indiscriminately, since ever, because it is the only feeling, both simple and mysterious, that brings out perfection from incompleteness, to become eternal. Therefore the work is born with the noble and brave intent to give a shape to what is immaterial instead.
Love branches is an “arterial” sculpture made of red color iron rebar in growing sections that symbolize a heart, or in other words, the classical folkloristic shape which is used to represent the meaning behind these lines. Indeed, breaking up the work, the heart’s right and left spaces represent the love which branches from two persons who’s destiny is to get unified. You can assume that them both are drawing a a jagged sequence of branches which describes the sentimental growth that each one of them has leaded during their own life. Lots of small branches flow into other more branches which rejoin other way bigger forks, which result looks alike a trunk that flows into the fulcrum.
Each single branch shows an emotional-sentimental experience, real or just potential, which led us towards a more intense and important one, to the perfect one. That means that for each one of us, a single event is a crossroad of other more events, throughout will be originated even more, so that they will create a thick network which, according to different times and ways, will merge in the result destined to be unified to that one idealized and desired. As a matter of fact the globe in the middle of the heart represents the union centre of two human beings, whose very personal branching is linked to the other for the eternity, producing a big twisted trunk, symbol of their own path, together. In this very moment a true and mature love is created which is capable of only growing and fortifying itself. It is possible to know that from this sentimental union other infinite branches will be produced, that are represented by the roots extended at the work’s feet.
This Paulo Coehlo’ s inventive reflection helps to understand the air of mystery behind the sentimental perfect branching:
“I don’t know what exactly pushes two persons to bond. Maybe the harmony, maybe the laughs, maybe the words. It is probably to start sharing something more, to speak a bit of themselves, to discover little by little that hide heart. To learn loving themselves, to accept each other for the blemishes, qualities, for angers and jokes. Or maybe it happens because it had to happen. Because souls are made to find themselves, sooner or later.”
Therefore all of us, day by day, branch our sentimental destiny unconsciously. Everything is activated by that established and accidental myriad of events that lead us to that perfect half whereby start branching the roots, which are the product of that sentiment as simple as unique like love.

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