Paratissima XII

November 2016, Critical quote got from the theme exhibition “Infinite Labyrinth”

A labyrinth, the inner one, where is easy to loose the way, where the feelings can cause confusion and the many paths could lead to blind streets.

Loverynth of Alter Ego represents this emotional maze. Who decides to get in is aware that the possible directions are infinite, but he knows that at least one will lead to safety, maybe to love. Feeling, this very one that for the artist is a huge labyrinth: complicated, scaring and often deceiving. But, despite the upsets that can create, is worth to face the risks, hoping someone is walking in the same path. Meeting inside the labyrinth can be the key to get out. Together is possible to find the right way which leads to the other acquaintance, but above all of knowing themselves. 

Edited by Aurora Bolandin and Flaminia Bellei Valentini, Art critics