June 2017 –  Art Salerno

The critical review has been elaborated by the Art Salerno’s Judicial Committee made by criticals, curators and contemporary art experts: Jean Blanchaert, Federico Caloi, Rosario Sprovieri, Rosita Taurone and with the supervision and text revision of Veronica Nicoli.

In the era of immateriality and virtual reality Davide Pisapia is an atist who creates works almost weightless, which, despite everything, remains materials, well hold to the space, suggesting that the invisible world is actually real. In Pisapia’s art you can find several materials, which together contaminate themselves and give birth to a deep metallic wires weaving. Creating bodies capable to express deep feelings: simple metallic wires outline the two lover’s faces lines. The artist is able to create life and put on a stage the stress and the intimate expressions of man, through a cold and soulless material like the iron. The fulcrum of his plastic research is, definitely, the human passion with its uncontrollable obstacles. In the wonderful contemporary interpretation of “Odi et Amo” we see the incarnation of duality with its strong erotical charge, a languid twisting of a timeless body. The entire work of Davide Pisapia owes its strength to the interlacement of its own wires.


October 2017 – Viva Arte Venezia

Davide Pisapia tries to catch the possible ‘ratio conoscendi’ and the misterious connection which bonds the world’ s things and the mix of the events. 

This artwork through the famous Rubik’s cube’s shapes and colours, represents the simoultaneity of the elements that characterize the life’s or death’s experience and their differences.

Richness, wisdom,fortune, taste, softness and longevity are only a part of the many factors that go through our existence every day even if only unconciusly.

This cube, always moving, allows to understand how the experience’s simultaneity is part of the differences presents in each one’s life. A beautiful coloured creation realized with a Very particular Style. A delicate and complex mix of the cubes held by a bigger one.

A curios object which let us think about a sort of zen accessory, colored like all those gadgets of the modern consumistic society in a perfect pop society. A modular moltitude, an artwork located among the design decoration gadget and installation.