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June 2018 – Massimiliano Porro, Art critic “Michele Cea” Foundation

Love ramifies and love transforms, lifeblood, nourishment of feelings and of the heart. A sculpture that praises its benefits and gives meaning to everything. It is heat and color that moves the sun and other stars, it is an impulse that generates life. It could not be better represented in the form of branches and roots that interweave each other. A dynamic work in which the blood red flows in the veins, causing the energetic force to burst forth into the life of each one. Davide Pisapia appeals to the traditional iconography that associates love to a heart, making it unique in its subject matter and in the meticulous work that led it to creation. The only true source of art is our heart and what is born can never be artificial, just as true good can not be fiction. It is mutual exchange and union, weaving that weaves, seed thrown that gives fruit. And the monumentality that is generated has a visual impact that enters the soul as an arrow thrown by Eros. From the roots, therefore, a metamorphosis takes place, between reality and fantasy, in which the trunk becomes an integral part of the accomplice union of those who love beyond all time and space. Love is desire that has become wisdom, does not want to possess anything, just wants to love … The artist thus confers on his sculpture an intense and natural symbolic character as the tree of life that sprouts and shows itself to the world … All you need is love …


August 2017 – Chantal Menhem, artist and art blogger

In the last 3 years, I’ve written written over 300 blogs about thousands of artists and artworks, but there’s something in ‘odi et Amo” that makes me wanna write 300 pages about it.


August 2017 – Marianna Fioretti, Art History student in Naples

Since I get familiar with art, or since I have memory, I always thought that it was an universal access point for all those who would have shown an interest, even the smallest.

I am strongly convinced, indeed, that art is for everybody but especially of everybody and it’s easy to explain the reason because all those that are able to dialogue with themselves can realize an artistic product just as expression of their own truth.

However this doesn’t mean that all those approach art could be called “artists”.

Unfortunately our era lives, in particular, an universal misunderstanding, many of these people who get close to art, who conventionally speaking we will call “Neohumans” live their life by saying they “Play the artists”, which seems a paradox, at least for me, because you can’t play the artist, sadly for you and for us (the beneficiaries), but you are an artist.

So which is the difference between “Neohumans” and “Artists”?

The substantial difference is how a work’s author reveals his own truth.

Many artists that we know, we study, we discover, have discovered themselves only when they were adults, and this is quite significant, because this means that our truth can be revealed only through an intellectual process, several questioning, own self-being researching, which lead to the creation of a concept, the very concept capable to self-defining, revealing ourselves what we know but that we don’t see yet.

This is the artist, he’s the one that talks about an existing truth, which was invisible to his eyes but which is felt with each fiber of his body, the same truth that speaks of “Authenticity”.

The “Neohuman”, instead, is the one that talks about a truth from whereby he took inspiration, he’s the one that gets in touch with a “Pure concept” not created by himself but borrowed from the artist, in other words, those who “Play” the artists are those who take “from being” the artist himself.

According to this assumption my researches led me to study a contemporary artist very eye-opening, Davide Pisapia, who, reading his biography, highlighted my theory.

Davide Pisapia in his works talks about a fundamental object, the Alter Ego or in other words “Our truth” the same that he concretizes in his iron work’s which are nothing more than the truth becoming concept and becoming a real work.

I am not surprised that this pure artist’s works are the revelation of one of the emotional codes that arrange the sensibility system.

When I talk about an emotional code I refer to the fact that for me people are born armed by this code, the same for everybody and unknown to us till we don’t try experiences that allows us to know it, and the pure artist is the one who, through his own truth, can reveal a piece of this “code” and behaves with it, like you behave with the Rubik’s cube, and he can find the solution for a part of this code, or better, of the human existence.


July 2017 – Ilaria Morgillo, Art History student in Naples

Davide Pisapia’s man is rusty by sufferance and crosses, pathetically, the border that from a simple “human being who feels pain”, moves him in a new reality, where the redness of his life can slip away from his eyes, his body, and takes roots instead of inside himself, in a far away region, where it cannot be destroyed.

His small pieces make him empty at times but actually is all a progression, the asceticism of who has been capable of urge his existence and carry it out from himself.

His existence is something of beyond…beyond the face warped by the pain, beyond the body that bends… “beyond”, where only the willingness of be and win can arrive. The peace of mind.