Polished iron rebar
Base in iron layer and silicone

cm 100 x 80 x 205 h

Since the dawns of his own existence, every human being has to synthesize two opposite cognitive hemispheres: those who provides the ability to understand, useful to analyze and to solve problems and those that handles the sensorial perception, or the attitude to give value and enrich ourselves and the world that surrounds us.
Before the simultaneity of these two hemispheres is learned, the one the alter ego of the other, and earlier you will be ready to life.
In fact, since ever what is asked us is to be able to apply creativity to pragmatism, to be irrational but at the same time logical and organized, to take the choices with the heart but without neglecting the mind.
Sometimes this acknowledge, puts in opposition the passions to the duties and our Being it has to deal with his opposite but this is comprehensible and correct to reach his own internal growth.
The problem exists when the individual has to struggle with a society that wants him in a certain way or that it forces him to make certain things. In such circumstance, the cognitivis hemispheres will inevitably be balanced and then nullified as two equal and contrary strengths. Therefore, the human being will tend to withdraw himself in a reality that wants to adequately lobotomyze him. The question is: who are we and what do we want really?
The answer is: To coexist, to exist and to withstand.
“There is something inexplicable in each one of us. Our bodies emanate a blinding light but our actions cannot reflect that.”

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